Theatre B
for children 3+
Sa 30 March
CS|40 [min]

The performance is based on the film of the same title.

Perhaps sometimes, like the Little Man, you realise that as you’ve been missing something, you could have found it whilst wandering the world and fighting monsters, and it all could be found fairly close to you. In fact, just around the corner.

WARNING: If you find the puppets familiar, it’s most likely because you’ve seen the film…

Both former and current members of the Puppets and Cake theatre along with their friends have recently founded a new theatre - Theatre B. Their main focus is on plays for children, and since they have been focusing on the youngest audience for the past 25 years, they have gained plenty of experience to do so.
Recently they released a full-length puppet film — The Little Man, which can be seen in cinemas.

Based on this film, a puppet theatrical fairytale The Little Man was made. Inspired not only by the film itself, directed by Radek Beran and manipulated by puppeteer René Krupanský, but also by a book Velká cesta malého pána (The Great Journey of the Little Man) written by Lenka Uhlířová and Jiří Stacha.

Starring: René Krupanský and Radek Beran

The Theatre B has performed in many places and festivals, not only in Czechia (Letní Letná, Mateřinka Liberec, Ašlerky, Divadlo evropských regionů, VyšeHrátky, Dejvické divadlo, The New Stage of National Theatre), but also abroad (Kwidzin POLAND, Malacky SLOVAKIA, Ubergange AUSTRIA, etc.)

Supported by The City of Prague