LP release
Tu 28 June
concert|60 [min]

Release party of the album Uzu Oto, released by Gurun Gurun on Peruvian label Buh Records. Guests of the evening will be musicians Petr Válek, Ursula Sereghy and set designer Teres Bartůňková.

Watching a concert of the Gurun Gurun foursome is like taking part in an expedition of a troop of monkeys exploring the long-lost wreck of a spaceship. Their improvised sets are a mix of post-club deconstruction, metamorphosed acoustic and electronic sounds, generative music and musique concrète. And this is the spirit of their album Uzu Oto. No, this is not dishwashing music. Or actually it is - you just have to expect that the dishes will turn into a tangle of roots, fibres, ropes, lianas and spider webs while you wash them. And maybe your whole kitchen will float away.

Czech artist and sound researcher Petr Válek is known for his home-made electronic machines and an incredible number of published recordings. He usually builds mechanical and electro-mechanical sound instruments, various self-propelled or kinetic objects from household items and found objects. In recent years, he has also been recording "instructional" videos in his home studio, garden, or landscape, which he posts on Facebook. Thanks to these videos, he has arguably become the world's best-known contemporary Czech experimental artist. Válek is also the author of the cover of the album Uzu Oto.

Prague-based musician Ursula Sereghy released her award-winning debut album OK Box on the Gin&Platonic label last year. Using deconstructed acoustic instrument samples, meandering rhythms and heavily distorted field recordings, she creates tracks that are at once concentrically pointillist and playfully melodic, dreamy and grooving, intimate and open to something transcendent.

The visual artist and set designer Teres Bartůňková is mainly involved in the creation of original projects with an emphasis on the audiovisual component (Korvína, Winning Rocking Horse, Dialogue, Tamura). She collaborates with Laterna magika, Ankali club and the songwriter Katarzia. Teres was also the set designer for the Silent_Night concert series organized by the Genot Centre label at the Ponec

foto: Zuzana Průchová
photo: Anna Baštýřová