hudba|40 [min]

A lightly staged zijin noise-pseudo-rock poster-like fragmentary video-operetta lamenting exhausted soil, exhausted minerals, gigantic notches in the landscape, unbreathability, sound pollution, tiaras, the inevitability of alcoholism, the last head of cabbage, deaf pigs and friendship with a Chinese zijin.

Prepared by:
Lucie Páchová - voice, field rec, concept
Jakub Švejnar - drums, no-input mix
Jana Nunčič - stage design, costumes
Klaas Boelen- projection, video
Zuzana Kantorová - text consultation
Jan Neugebauer- lightdesign

The international collective Páchová-Švejnar-Boelen-Nunčič combines an interest in variable layers of listening, listening to different places, extreme levels of dynamics and perception of immersive visuals and objects. Their previous collaborations are intertwined across various musical and audiovisual projects. De-Approximate builds on their previous experimental object operetta, which premiered at the Days of New Opera Ostrava festival in June 2022.