Mo 02 October
Tu 03 October
We 04 October
CZ|60 [min]

Wariot Ideal presents the world's only true circus of trained dressed fleas. Featuring three heterosexual white men in their prime and one woman! Live music, elephant dressage, stunts, live coverage of the first lilliputian moon landing, plate juggling and projection of horrific film footage! Fun for the traditional family with traditional values! Chauvinism, machismo and intolerance of all kinds in an entertaining spectacle for veterans of all the culture wars!

Wariot Ideal is a creative collective founded in 2009 on the basis of many years of cooperation between Vojta Švejda, Jan Kalivoda and Jan Dörner. Together they have created several different new performances on the Czech independent scene. The group’s members deal in more artistic disciplines than just theatre: film, music, sound and light design. They search for new possibilities in artistic expression with a dose of comedy, presenting unique works on current events in our lives and times.