CZ|30 [min]

In the middle of a big city there is a big house where many different people and animals live. Sometimes it is completely silent, sometimes it is very noisy. It's only quiet on the third and last floor. Jáchym lives on the first floor with his mummy and daddy. He likes it here very much, only during the holidays all his friends go away and Jáchym hangs around the house alone, because Daddy and Mummy are at work every day. Luckily, Ema shows up and comes to visit her auntie in apartment number two, right downstairs. Ema loves mysteries and secrets and they don't wait for long. As soon as Ema and Jáchym meet, a mystery opens up for them, in which a grumpy old man and a perpetually locked door play the main role. Although Jáchym is a bit reluctant, there is nothing to be done, the children just have to get to the bottom of this mystery.