venue: Punctum Krásovka
Th 03 October
SK|60 [min]

Wakushoppu.sk aka Slovak version of your favorite improv series, presented in collaboration with the Alfred ve dvoře Theater as
part of the October showcase of independent Slovak filmmakers under the title Alfredvedvoře.sk.

The Bratislava-based improviser Slávo Krekovič who is active both as a solo musician as well as in various improvisation groups (Shibuya Motors, Vritti), will introduce the new generative music system AMEN - The AMbiguity ENgine developed at the STEIM (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music) institute in Amsterdam. The gestures of the performer and his interaction with touch-sensitive sensors control the parameters of sound synthesis processes and also interact with an artificial neural network resulting in moments of surprise, uncertainty but also of strange stubbornness.


Samuel Szabó aka Samčo, brat dáždiovek (Samčo, brother of earthworms) brings stories captured from the life in his own world in a gray zone between music, performance, theater and slam poetry.