Fr 08 November
Su 10 November
no language barrier|75 [min]

Heavy Theatre is the latest project of KHWOSHCH group. It is an exploration of the themes of weight and human endurance. They explore the technical limits of theatre and the uncomfortability, impracticality and realness on stage.

The Heavy Theatre project was born out of an interest in working with heavy objects and a fascination with their mysterious performativity. As scenographers and puppeteers, we make and animate puppets or objects that are completely subordinate to us. But beyond the barrier of the rehearsal room, we are constantly moving objects and materials that, by their weight and bulk, animate us. With weight we measure time and space. How many steps do I walk before I put it down? I count to twenty and then I let go. But heavy objects are not always just a burden, they offer us the possibility of unusual positions, movements, maybe even dancing. Weight conveys a different rhythm and new physical experiences, not just painful ones. It is necessary to adapt to the objects and to learn how to handle them. Observe the object and put all your energy into it. Gravity offers the possibility of extreme concentration. We avoid illusion, we wish for the truth. We concentrate on the work. The work of the engineers, the movers, the builders, the set designers and every person on any given day.

Prepared by: Frieda Gawenda, Daria Gosteva, Tomáš Kočí, Vavřinec Němec
Special thanks: Sodja Lotker, Tomáš Procházka

KHWOSHCH is an international group of theatre artists, musicians and performers. The group was formed in 2021 through the experimental puppet opera DINOPERA.The group is constantly growing with new members and new projects. In their work, the members focus on experimental, alternative, progressive and neglected genres, artistic creations and unconventional and conventional objects, puppets and music.