non-verbal|50 [min]

Atmospherically-imaginative performance from the spa surroundings with no words spoken. Amusing cultural experience with authentic music. What do the nurses do during their lunch break? What is the elixir for their eternal youth? Water, aroma of spa wafers, sandwiches and shots from the spring of love. To health!

Nonverbal production from the spa settings, working with authentic scenographic materials. Inspiration behind the story is Alžběta Vitvarová’s own experience working in spa surroundings, as well as her grandmother’s experience who spent her lifetime in such working environment. Furthermore, the theatrical research of the spa surroundings during which the team of creators went to spa cities of Jeseník and Třeboň. Production with live brass music slightly evoking the poetics of Czechoslovak New Wave films from the sixties.

Come to fill yourself with health and vitality. Take the whole procedure in the Spa performance!

‘The topic itself already carries a great potential to bring up the sense of public intimacy to the audience, as almost everybody who has ever had a massage or just went to see a doctor has personal experience with it. The plot itself is not that important, the focus is on the ability to capture this specific environment through this theatrical performance with all its routines (folding towels, neatening up the sheets, moping), events (healing procedures, love flares) and after all even the perversions hidden behind smiling faces of employees.’ - Eva Šlechtová, Loutkář, 2.6.2018

Theme: Alžběta Vitvarová
Concept, direction, scenography: Alžběta Vitvarová, René Vitvar
Starring: Lukáš Bouzek/Štěpán Lustyk, Marzana Kozak, Barbora Bočková
Music: Jan Červenka, Matěj Vošický, Šimon Janák/Eva Příznilová


DAMU, Nadace Život umělce, Priessnitzovy léčebné lázně a.s.