Michal Kindernay
Th 28 January
2021 online
nonverbal|30 [min]

A psychogeographic paraphrase, weather reading, tuning of the signal of meteorological stations, wiretaps and observation.

R: There are voices that we only hear coming from fire. In the heat of a desert, in a scenario without shadows, a flame was born, the light of which we must never witness.

G: What is the sound of clouds and how do cities and landscapes resonate beneath the sky? Each wind brings something peculiar – the Jugo, the Sirocco in Italy, the Marin in France, and the Chergui in Morocco.

B: Blue is the essence of the natural elements of water, sky and space. La Terre bleue - The earth is blue.

Michal Kindernay is an intermedia artist, performer, experimental filmmaker and curator. His audiovisual installations establish ties between the fields and instruments of art, technology and science. He often tackles the themes of ecology and by means of applied technological approaches in relation to nature he reflects on the issue of environmental issues. His work includes video performances and interactive installations, intermedia and documentary projects as well as musical sound compositions. Michal is a co-founder of the art organization yo-yo, he initiated the emergence of the RurArtmap project. He is currently the curator of the Agosto Foundation residency program.


foto: Jasna Cizler