Prague Improvisation Orchestra
Sa 06 August
Fr 05 August
concert|180 [min]

For the second time, the Prague Improvisation Orchestra has prepared a two-day festival of music and performance in Alfred ve dvoře. Each evening will feature a different work from PIO and a special performance of the guest artists.

Friday, August 5th

White Wigwam / A1
The White Wigwam project, whose sole protagonist Martin Sýkora played formerly in Kaspar von Urbach or Rouilleux, is based on slow, concentrated work with a modular synthesizer. Regardless of whether his compositions are more dance-like or linger in a darkened reverie, the basic building block remains the machine-like industrial pulse, which is hard to resist because man is also, in some ways, just a machine.

A1 is the live VJ project of Eva Krhutová, formerly known by the pseudonyms eF, F, F.K., a founding member of the Antimother label and the two-person collective 1a1. Author of various music videos and live video performances for several projects, such as Lightning Glove, Sister Body, False Trance, Rouilleux and White Wigwam.

PIO will re-visit the 'visual scores' of the great Czech artist Milan Grygar, who is primarily known as a painter but has produced a remarkable body of work related to sound. His work from the 1960s marks him as one of the first Czech ‘sound artists’. PIO has worked directly with Mr Grygar in realising his original vision.

PIO members: George Cremaschi, David Danel, Didi Kern, Elia Moretti, Ivan Palacký, Vojtěch Procházka, Renata Raková, Petr Vrba, Michal Zbořil


August 6th

Poisonous Frequencies
An Austrian-Czech trio playing improvised noise rock, in which Petr Vrba discovers the possibilities of an electrified trumpet disguised as an electric guitar, Tomáš Procházka alias Federsel continues his search for the most monstrous electric guitar sound and Didi Kern beats the drums. On this day the trio will celebrate the release of their new album, on which they collaborated with Swiss turntablist Joke Lanz.

Polina Khatsenka
Belarusian new media artist will present her new sonic work.

PIO will premiere a new program of the works of Sun Ra, the legendary  American composer, bandleader, and the original 'Afrofuturist'. Sun Ra's visionary music, which has rarely been performed outside of the context of his own orchestra, is a unique phenomenon. He was a free jazz pioneer, while also being one of the first musicians to work with electronic keyboards and synthesizers live on stage. But at the same time his work with theatrical elements, kitsch, exotica and 'space music' made his Arkestra accessible to casual listeners.

PIO members: Marcel Bárta, George Cremaschi, Ken Ganfield, Jan Jirucha, Didi Kern, Andrea La Rose, Pasi Mäkelä, Anežka Matoušková, Elia Moretti, Vojtěch Procházka, Petr Vrba, Michal Wróblewski

Supported by Ministry of Culture, Czech Republic and The City of Prague.