PERFORATED CINEMA: Adventures in the Garden

Screaming Fish
for children
small scene
Su 24 February
CS|35 [min]

A clanging, flashing story of one summer that lights up Grandmother’s garden and rattles and shakes from inside Grandfather’s shed. An audiovisual performance for people tall and small that will take you to unknown earthly realms and cosmic expanses.

This year, I traveled neither to the Amazon rainforest nor to the Kalahari Desert. I spent my vacation with my grandparents at their country home. While there, I came across an old camera – and set out on a journey. All at once, the junk in Grandpa’s shed, the healing herbs, and the little pond in the garden became distant corners of the world, full of dancing lights and shadows, unfamiliar sounds and echoes, playful reflections and sudden flashes. Here and there, a ginger cat got in my way, but at times I couldn’t have got down without its help. With all the photographs that I took on my journeys, I put together the story that I want to show you now.

Perforated Cinema: An Adventure in the Garden works primarily with light and sound, using slide projectors, perforated slides, and a screen. It experiments with objects that react to light and with objects that give off a specific sound. A visual performance for audiences of all ages, an imaginative collage and a playful musical composition.

Concept: Ryba řvoucí
Lighting and stage design: Tereza Magnan, Aňa Šebelková
Music and sound: Filip Jakš

Premiere: 17 Sept. 2015, Wallenstein Loggia, Jičín

Founded in 2009, the Ryba řvoucí (Screaming Fish) theater ensemble focuses primarily in the creation of original theater projects, working collectively with a strong emphasis on visuals and working with various materials.

Supported by Venuše ve Švehlovce