We 22 May
nonverbal|120 [min]

HAMU and JAMU Symposium / open for public 

10.00-13.00h - MOVED Platform / Alfréd ve dvoře theater

Presentation, Q&A and discussion of the theme Creativity and Society

Rebeka Lonská / PANoptikum


Whoever distracts him from sleeping or wandering through the woods will have to fearfully endure his roar and appearance. Panic! The very late afternoon of a clown, about the inability to do everything.

She came through mountains and meadows, forests and groves, meadows and mountains, streams, rivers, highways, borders, landscapes, cities, states and others. She came. To a different land where there were different people, different jobs, different air, different emotion, different mood. Everything was different. She wanted to go there and wanted to be there, but she had nowhere to go for firewood, she had no place to go get water for the cattle, where have a garden, where to saw wood. There was a very different work to do, very different air, very different emotions, a completely different mood. But she knew she would like it. So she went and kept looking for a place she would like and she finally found it. She was offered all kinds of work. So she kept deciding and finally decided to make art, to do theater. To represent her country, the air she'd brought in her bag.  perfor

performer: Rebeka Lonská

director: Olívia Fantúrová 

set design: Vojtěch Havelka

score: Tomáš Hrubiš

motion consultant: Anna Kukuczková

production: Mária Brindzáková

light desing: Michal Fridrich

premiere: 25. 2. 2019, BURANTEATR

The performance was created in the School of Physical Theater of the Theater Faculty of JAMU in Brno. 

15-minute intermission

Goršecke Narodnie Akademične Teatr / Goršek 

from cca 20:00 

Auteurial performance based on the legend of two brothers from the mythical Gorshekh plateau. Goršek is a tragicomical performance for two actors and two masks within the space of one room, full of love and hatred, cruelty, friendship and cabin fever. 

Main themes for the authors were Slavic culture, existential literature and post-war Theatre of the Absurd (Jean-Paul Sartre, Samuel Beckett), as well as research of the human psyche in the borderline conditions of long-standing isolation from the world. 

directed by: William Valerián
concept and interpretation: Šimon Pliska, Andrej Lyga Music: William Valerián
masks: Rufina Bazlová, Viktorie Drdová
production: Andrea Vykysalá
supervision: Roman Horák
supported by: HAMU, Alfred ve dvoře, DISK Theater