OASIS OF UNREST - presentation of a book about theatre

Lukáš Jiřička, Eva Kyselová et al.
We 20 February
CS|60 [min]

An anthology in Czech by multiple authors, edited by Lukáš Jiřička and Eva Kyselová, focusing on Prague’s Alfred ve dvoře, a theatre of various aesthetics and constant experiment. For more than 15 years, Alfred ve dvoře has been both an artistic incubator as well as performance venue. Its approach reflects the transformation of performance language, the functioning of theatre ensembles, and a significant turn in the emancipation of Czech and European performative art, theatre and dance.

The publication consists of a total of nine studies, accompanying photographs, an overview of all premieres of all new works produced in the space since 2001. In individual articles authors Marie Adamová, Jana Bohutinská, Petr Ferenc, Lukáš Jiřička, Eva Kyselová, Ewan McLaren, Jana Návratová, Jakub Škorpil and Miloš Vojtěchovský elaborate not only on circumstances of the opening and reopening of Alfred ve dvoře, but also on its evolution as an independent theatre space. They focus on the creators and poetics that have significantly influenced its image – for example, Krepsko, Secondhand Women, Handa Gote Research & Development, Jiří Adámek and Boca Loca Lab, etc.

Published by: z.s. Motus, 2018
Editors: Lukáš Jiřička and Eva Kyselová
Editor in Chief: Ondřej Škrabal
Cover, graphic design and typesetting: Anastasia Vrublevska (ATYP)
Publisher: PROTISK, s., České Budějovice
First Edition, 224 pages
ISBN: 978-80-270-5238-7

This book created thanks to support from the Czech Ministry of Culture.