Mo 20 May
nonverbal|70 [min]

In front of yourself, in front of others…

Annual project of the 4th year of the Department of Nonverbal Theater HAMU in Prague.

Auteurial physical theater about self-perception ... students presenting their definition of physical theater ... body in motion, self-referencing theatre about the society... How do they see themselves? How do they perceive others or how are they being perceived? Which situations and topics are resonate with them? The fragility of being and harsh reality. The world of the subconscious intertwines with the present moment of performance; surprising physicality; a manifestation of the self, both tragical and comical; a group and an individual ... the absurdity and unpredictability of familiar situations. Me vs. you, me vs. you, me vs. I.

Solid form of movement meets improvisation, motion meets stillness, silence meets a personal tune of each artist. 

Creators / performers: Zuzana Drábová, Bára Ješutová, Ludmila Ješutová, Šimon Pliska, Andrej Lyga, Jonathan Vnouček, Taro Tamura, Albert Piňol, Adrian Oliva, Marc Servera

Music: Damn Buraja / Vladimir Chab

Pedagogical guidance / Directed by: Roman Horák