Drozeno x Kosťa
We 24 March
2021 online
CS|20 [min]

Lyrics of this mixtape reflect the life in the housing estate and are reverberating through the pirated beat. They mesh with typewriter snippets wrote in the year 2010, during a hitchhiking trip to Barcelona, and notes about developing pictures written under the light of a red bulb. Faded-like flow, beginning and ending in a prefab apartment, alluding to the work of the Manželé band from the 80s. All was recorded on a Konica magnetic tape, including one authentic call with my friend.

Michal Drozen (*1989) is an illustrator and painter as well as musician, frontman of the Prague country band Dingo. In the past, he was performing with Linda Retterova as a Happy Hippo. His solo outsider-folk project Country Sinner followed. Today, Michal is working under the Spiral Sadness moniker and is preparing a new album, striving to exceed his past work.