Vavřinec Němec
no language barrier|30 [min]

Journeys to the mountains. A time in which I surrender to the landscape and when I depend entirely on the vagaries of the weather. As I walk, my thoughts concentrate, my mind brightens, my soul cleanses.

Hearing the Mountains is a scenographic installation and meditative experience for an individual, or a group of two, to the sounds of mountains, water, forest and wind. It consists of a composed environment inspired by mountain moods, accompanied by field sound recordings and slide photographs from the Šumava region. For thirty minutes you can lose yourself in the mist, let yourself be surrounded by the elements and indulge in personal contemplation. 

The project was created in the autumn of 2020, when Vavřinec Němec made several trips to Šumava to record the landscape through sound. During the trips, in addition to several hours of audio recording, several dozen slide photographs were also created. The installation is a personal combination of both and gives rise to a fragment of the "small history" of Šumava.