Tereza Říčanová
for children
Sa 09 March
for children
Fr 08 March
CZ|35 [min]

Istanbul is a wonderful city – a crossroad of the East and the West, a place where architectural gems glisten under the shining sun and where people of different origins and beliefs all come together. Tereza Říčanová is a kind and thoughtful guide who will let you do almost anything as she narrates her story. Feel free to draw your vision of the interior of a mosque, cat houses, citizens of Istanbul, white sailboats or passing navy ships. You can also tell your own stories along. Her piece is something between theatre, storytelling and a workshop and definitely one you'll be coming back to in your dreams. „This is Istanbul“ is the latest addition to the series of pictorial guide books to cities, countries and other places around the world created by Miroslav Šašek for children and published by Baobab.

Come see all the facets of the city of Istanbul!