We 07 April
2021 online
CS|30 [min]

Lounge Music is a recording of a spontaneous meeting and musical communication between Zdeněk Hmyzák Novák (Ženy, Bad Beef Hat, Kolna), Jan Kalivoda (Wariot Ideal) and Tomáš Procházka (Handa Gote, B4). Instead of acting as a technical support, Kalivoda and Procházka diverged from the plan and became true music partners in the unleashed musical freak-out.

The recording was taken without any preparations, during a two-hour session in Alfred ve dvoře theatre, mixed with three bangs on the mixing table.

Zdeněk Hmyzák Novák: vocals, lyrics, flute, tuboflaut
Jan Kalivoda: vocals, flute, melody, brass
Tomáš Procházka: vocals, flute, synth, harmonica

collage: Aňa Jakš