Yellow Buoy
Tu 14 May
Mo 13 May
nonverbal|50 [min]

Humans have around fifty thousand separate thoughts each day, many of them on the same topic. If each thought was a branch, the attention of our conscious mind is indeed a monkey, swinging from thought-branch to thought-branch all day long.

Hanuman, is a divine monkey, by killing all the evil thoughts with its determination, lays a firm foundation for the kingdom of God to become established in the body.

The world of the performance is grotesque and dark with a comedic undertone. The goal is to present the human mind with its limitations and struggles on stage.

Director, Choreographer, Performance: Jan Jakubal (CZ/AT)
Stage and Puppet Design, Costume, Performance: Niina Lindroos (FIN)
Music, Composition: Jan Čechtický (CZ)
Light, Animation: David Vrbík (CZ)
Costume Advisor: Veronika Susanna Harb (AT)
Construction Consultant: Iisa Tähtinen (FIN)

Co-production Yellow Buoy / DAS OFF THEATER

Jan Jakubal (CZ/AT) - choreographer, theater director, performer, producer
Jan lives in Austria since 2010 and was studying during this time for three years at the "Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance" (S.E.A.D.) contemporary dance and choreography. Since 2008 he was acting with the theater group "KREPSKO" for five years as a member of the company and till now he performs with the company as a guest. In addition to his work on stage, Jan also works as a filmmaker/actor - e.g. in 2015, a film by Paul Wenninger - "Uncanny Valley" which was also nominated for the Austrian Film Prize and won the Best Austrian Animation Film Award 2016. Jan has been working with austrian "DANS.KIAS" dance company since 2016 and founded own dance theater group "YELLOW BUOY" where he choreographed "Lullaby Augen zu" performance in 2016 and currently works on a new production "Hanuman Addiction Cycle". From 2004 Jan has a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) and was working for 5 years in different business fields.

Niina Lindroos , BA of Performing arts (FIN)
Since her graduation from Puppetry Department of Turku Arts Academy, University of Applied Sciences, Finland in 2007 Niina has worked as a professional puppeteer, performer and/or puppet constructor in more than 20 different productions. She is a talented solo performer and experienced in creating megalomaniac puppet theatre productions. In her work Niina focuses on paper theatre, on the constructing and manipulating of two dimensional puppets and structures and how to bring the 18th century art form live in to the modern times.

David Vrbík (CZ) - audiovisual artist, laser, animation designer - https://www.davidvrbik.com/
The audiovisual artist David Vrbík began his artistic career with music. In the 90s he created compositions for dance theatre, and later began focusing on animation and programming theatrical technologies. He is a founding member of the dance group TOW, which created a stir in the dance community with its approach to technology, particularly the synchronization of audio, light, and laser projection. In 2004, along with the hip-hop and graffiti legend Vladimír 518, he founded the multigenre project SPAM, which focuses on researching the possibilities of audiovisual language. In 2018 David co-created with Petr Nikl performance “Yellow darkness”.

Jan Čechtický (CZ)
Jan is an author of film and advertising music for the Czech and international markets. He often creates music and soundtrack for audiovisual performances (video mapping). He is a winner of Czech Music Award (Andel) in Dance Music category, co-founder of an independent recording company and East Authentic Production and a member of groups and projects such as Sebastian's, Colorfactory,

Financially supported by: Ministry of Culture CZ, Art District Praha 7, Wien 7 Neubau, Austrian Federal Chancellery - Art and Culture, Austrian Embassy in Helsinki, Aura of Puppets Finland, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, TOP-Säätiö, Hon.-Prof. (FH) Mag. Mario Lang

photo: Misha Pekárek
photo: Misha Pekárek
photo: Misha Pekárek
photo: Misha Pekárek
photo: Misha Pekárek