Bartůňková, Burian, Železný, Hrdlička
no language barrier|50 [min]

Lye, flint, metal, flash, fire, smoke, smoke, ash, caramel. It comes out of nowhere. It's in the dark, in the fog, in the silence. 

The creators of From the Ashes were brought together by a fascination with fire. The production was created from collective improvisations, artistic, sound and performative experiments without a predefined form. Each of the creators enters the field with a completely different approach and skills. The result is From the Ashes, a performance that is both a hypnotic concert and a visual object theatre, an abstract spectacle emerging from the darkness.

Prepared by: Teres Bartůňková, Jan Burian, Adam Železný, Jaroslav Hrdlička
Photo: Martin Špelda
Premiere: 27 January 2023, Alfred ve dvoře, Prague

Supported by: City of Prague, Ministry of Culture, State Culture Fund of Czech republic and Prague 7 - Art District.