Sa 26 October
SK|90 [min]

"Studio. Document. Imagination. Neoclassicism. Conceptual art. Open rehearsal. Educational concert. Physical theater. Science. Poetry. Installation. Performance. The Renaissance. A symbol. Information. Intuition. Rationality. Theory. Practice. The final garden. Ignorance. Knowledge. Search for a reason. And inevitably death. This is a movement between all of this. Between science and poetry. Between an information and a symbol, or apparent chaos and unexpected beauty. This is the way to a statue. Constant transformation, constant decisions. This is our question - what is a good gender?" Andrei Kalinka
MED A PRACH (HONEY AND DUST) is an art group moving on the borders of art forms and genres. The collective creates performative pieces while utilizing aspects of live music and installation art. Their work is presented both in theaters as well as in galleries or on musical stages. Their general approach can be described as complementary art, one which draws from the symbiosis of various means of presentation. The performers are also musicians, artists, actors, dancers. Their aim is to discover new ways of artistic expression in the form of live movement between diverse artistic communities and means. An important aspect of the practice of the group is a crossover not only in terms of artistic means, but also within the individual works as well as in terms of potential links between art, biology, psychology, philosophy, history, physics, genetics etc. Thus both form and content embody the characteristics of complementary art.

Libretto, directed by: Andrej Kalinka
Dramaturgy, AD: Milan Kozánek
Statues, paintings, installations: Juraj Poliak, Andrej Kalinka
Music: TL de Victoria, J. Arcadelt, PI Tchaikovsky, J. Dowland, A. Kalinka, Georgian folk songs
Performers and co-creators: Zebastian Mente Maligna, Livia Balážová, Daniel Racek, Jan Morávek, Juraj Poliak, Andrej Kalinka

This performance is supported with public funding from the Fond na podporu umenia and the Bratislava Region.