Erik Sikora
Sa 01 February
SK|60 [min]

Džumelec [pronounced as joomellets] serves the imaginary letter 'Dž' [pronounced as letter G] and its juiciness. While taking a walk with a stroller he's looking for universal answers to neighborhood small talk. In the summer he creates landscaping rap and in the winter dreams about visual poetry. He plays his song on a guitar to prove their bonfire potential.

Džumelec is a moniker of Slovak artist Erik Sikora. Since 2012 he's released several albums spanning from outsider music through music for children to alternative hits that will be stuck in your head however obsucre they may sound. Džumelec is an unprecedented natural phenomenon.

Erik Sikora studied at the Studio of Intermedia at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and currently studies in the postgraduate programme at the Faculty of Arts in Košice while teaching film at a high school. In his artistic practice he uses primarily the media of video and performance and exhibits in Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries. In 2015 he was awarded the prize at Zlínský salon mladých and in 2019 he won the Oskár Čepan Award for up-and-coming artists. Currently he's aiming to combine his visual art oeuvre with performance and idiosyncratic YouTuber activity as well as live concerts of his musical alter ego Džumelec.