Dezorzovo lútkové divadlo
Sa 22 October
Sa 05 March
SK|60 [min]

The author duo Gejza Dezorz and Agda Bavi Pain present a big-budget puppet drama from the Second World War.

Hate and love have a very thin line between them. Sometimes they are separated by a sense of betrayal or superiority, other times by the barbed wire of a concentration camp. In times of real war, however, the abyss between the two opens and can only be bridged by common sense and human feeling, free from the layers of civilisation and social prejudice.

The story of a Roma young man and a German soldier, set against the backdrop of historical events in Horthy's Košice and during the bloody battles for the Dukla Pass, presents an unequal love affair between men standing not only on two opposite barricades, but also at the ends of the social ladder.

The new production of Dezorz's puppet theatre brings to the Slovak theatre scene a hitherto unprecedented experience and transports the viewer to the times of the end of the Second World War and the divided society thanks to the suggestive film optics in the style of the so-called "live puppet cinema". The production has been nominated for a 2021 Academy Award.

Direction: G. Dezorz
Performers: K. Kollárik, A. Maďar, M. Mitaš, H. Turba, M. Bódyová, P. Kadlečík
Dramaturgy: Santanelli
Art concept: G. Dezorz, Von Dubravay
Stage design: Von Dubravay, G. Dezorz
Music: M. Hasák
Light design: G. Dezorz
Camera: G. Dezorz, J. Freehand
Sound effects: Lucia Ditte
Cut: Michal Onduš
Videoart: G. Dezorz


Supported by Fond na podporu umenia, Nadácia mesta Bratislavy, Bratislavský samosprávny kraj.

foto: Ctibor Bachratý
foto: Ctibor Bachratý