Adam Dragun a Olga Ciężkowska
SK|60 [min]

Adam Dragun and Olga Ciężkowska met while studying at the Cracow Theatre Academy. In 2022, they created the production The Last Time My Parents Were at the Komuna Warszawa ( were-w-komunie-warszawa-413/). The plot consisted in inviting my parents to collaborate on our theatrical performance. The question was: how to be a stage partner of someone who started working on their role before you were born? 

The idea of theatre as a social experiment is something that will be further developed at Alfred ve dvoře as part of the Visegrad Fund Artist Residency. This time, in addition to the intermedia artist Michał Dobrucki, they have also invited actresses Martina Znamenačka and Helena Urbańska to collaborate with them. This time the focus is on the figures of specific teachers they have met in their lives. The question is: Can a teacher teach something that he himself knows nothing about? 

Directed by: Adam Dragun, Olga Ciężkowska
Set/Costumes/Media: Michał Dobrucki
Performance: Martina Znamenačková, Helena Urbańska

With the kind support of the Visegrad Fund Performing Artists Residency