Mo 14 September
SK|40 [min]

10080 is a format developed by the Bratislava-based collective Batyskaf. Its goal is to facilitate the creation of non-traditional and temporary scenic
artworks, created in under a week by the authors. The visual & sound programmer duo, theatre director Peter Gonda and musician Matúš
Kobolka, decided to answer the call by crafting a hybrid format, situated somewhere between a cooking reality show, a music performance and a
popcultural exorcism.

Matůš Kobolka is a programmer, composer and performer in the field of computer music. Since 2011, he’s been involved with bratislava-based
publishing label LOM, using Bolka as his moniker. After finishing his studies at the Institute of Sonology in Haag, he decided to leave the
waters of noise improvisation for a subversive approach, utilizing both a sound material and technology. Kobolka’s solo acts oscillate between
hedonistic humor and seriousness, bridging the gap between a playful performance and the culture of the academic electroacoustic music. In the
last years, he’s been working on finishing his second record and has been involved in several multifaceted theatre projects.

Peter Gonda received his directing degree at KALD DAMU under the supervision of Jiří Adámek, David Jařáb and Miroslav Krobot. In his theatre works he’s interested in exploring post-dramatic staged forms, often collaborating with non-actors. He lives and programmes in Prague. He’s a member of the audio-visual improvisation body Kolektiv.

Foto: Šimon Lupták
Foto: Šimon Lupták
Foto: Šimon Lupták
Foto: Šimon Lupták