8 / 16 MM SK

Sa 12 October
CZ + SK|70 [min]

A meeting of friends and supporters of real cinema, held every other month under the title 8mm / 16mm, will take place under the supervision of Marek Šulík, the director, producer, researcher and teacher at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava who also founded the RodinneArchivy.sk (Family Archives) project.
The aim of the Family Archives project is to gather, digitalize and create a database of amateur film recordings made in the course of 20th century in Slovakia, and later grant access to these films to the professional public (filmmakers, scientists dealing with the history of society, human positions, etc.) Amateur footage often contains information interesting not only for the original family members, but also for film makers, sociologists or historians, for they capture life in our society from a personal point of view, free from ideology and propaganda.
Since 2005 approximately 1,000 hours of diverse footage have been collected. Marek Šulík will guide the audience through the world of Slovak amateur film and family video. He will be accompanied by several artists of the initiative of Banská Stanica, who will present other true gems - Slovak educational films on 16mm film.