Boca Loca Lab


Experimental platform for a theatre of open mouths, theatre of words and sounds, theatre of objects, theatre on the borderlands between a concert and an art installation, theatre of silence.

The theatre group Boca Loca Lab was founded in 2007 by a director and creator Jiří Adámek. The group works with staging forms stemming from
the principles of musical composition, lately extending to the area of art installation. Their work can also be characterised by minimalistic acting,
experimenting with text and vocal production, as well as a specific use of objects akin to the approaches of puppetry and conceptual art. The main ensemble consists of the following actors and actresses: Vendula Holičková, Bára Mišíková, Pavol Smolárik, Daniel Šváb, and others. The group collaborates with music composers such as Martin Smolka, Michal Nejtek, Michal Cáb and Ladislav Železný. In terms of scenography, the group has collaborated mainly with Jakub Kopecký, Ivana Kanhäuserová and Zuzana Sceranková. Their regular conceptual and dramaturgical collaborators are Martina Musilová and Klára Hutečková.

Boca Loca Lab has received a number of awards in the Czech Republic and abroad. To list a few, they won the Kontakt Theatre Festival prize in Toruń, Poland; the Music Theatre Now! prize in Germany (Tiká tiká politika); their play Evropané won a prize for direction at MESS Festival in Sarajevo; their spoken opera Sezname, otevři se! (later on presented as Bludiště seznamů) won a Divadelní noviny Award 2014; and their radio play Hra na uši won the Czech Prix Bohemia Award as well as the international Karl Sczuka Preis and Grand Prix Nova in Romania.

The group is currently working with a director Jiří Austerlitz.

Photo: Martin Špelda